The world of Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic Sheep Market Place

New book about Icelandic Sheep!!Published (Sept 2015) in English by Caroline Kerstin Mende. "Icelandic Sheep - Colourful All-Rounders" Available directly from Caroline now, or from Amazon in a month or so. I have added a pdf to the "Articles" page of my website giving details about the book and its content. The book contains a lot of information about Icelandic sheep and their fleece.

September 2015For the past 2 years my badgerfaced ram, Yggdrassil, has been keeping my ewes company, and I now have quite a few of his badgerfaced offspring. So I have several purebred rams and ram lambs for sale this year. Some are badgerfaced.

For anyone interested in fleece, I hope to have washed/carded fleece available shortly.

The Wool

Rare breed of sheep from IcelandI maintain a balance of earth colours within the flock of icelandic sheep, with few white sheep, as I prefer to spin and crochet natural colours, rather than dye the wool.  However I can never be certain what colour lambs nature will produce from any particular mating!  It makes lambing time very exciting.

Icelandic sheep have an unusual double-coated fleece that I love to turn into lopi wool.

Living the Dream

There is nothing nicer than watching my icelandic sheep of many colours browsing in the fields against a backdrop of Welsh hills and valleys.  Seeing their coats glint and glow in the sunlight is sheer magic.